Flash Dynamic Stacking Menu

Update: AS3 Version using TweenLite is available here

In this experiment, you can drag the boxes; when you release them the stack will shuffle to accommodate the dropped box.

I have recently been working on building an application in which I wanted to use Photoshop style ‘layers’ which the user could create, drag onto different depths and delete.

The basic idea was for the user to click and drag ‘layers’, and drop them in between others. This would cause the other layers to reposition to accommodate the new layer and to fill the gap which it had left in it’s old position. Get it? Read : Dynamic Stacking »

Posted on 13 Apr 2007
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Group94 Style Menu System

I have always liked the neat and compact menu system Group94 often use in their projects. It is really useful for lists or menus and is also of course very elegant.

I don’t know how Group94 do it, but here is my attempt. I have created two prototypes to make it easy to use multiple times within a project.

Download: Group94 Style Scrolling List Read : Group94 Style Menu »

Posted on 07 Mar 2007
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Soulwire V2 Interface

Since fullscreen flash websites have become so popular; this little trick (a necessity really) has been used to make sure that no matter what screen resolution a user has, they can experience the site in the way in which the designer intended.

I realise that listeners are common knowledge, but I have had a lot of emails asking about dynamic positioning so I have written this brief tutorial on how to get all the elements in your Flash movie to position themselves automatically when the user’s browser window resizes, or if they are using a different screen resolution to you and you hate the idea of letting the movie scale! Read : Dynamic Positioning »

Posted on 27 Sep 2006
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