Papervision Ribbon3D

There’s been some great experimentation with 3d lines and ribbons in Papervision3D, notably Felix Turner’s Ribbon3D and of course the Audi A5 website.

A project I’m currently working on requires the drawing of ribbons in 3D space, and it’s such a simple yet beautiful effect that I thought it was time to have a quick go at it myself. Read : 3D Ribbons in Papervision »

Posted on 12 Aug 2008
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AS3 Motion Tracking and Detection


Ok, you can now grab the MotionTracker source code (AS2 & AS3). Version 2 eventually will include the other methods for detecting and tracking motion which I mentioned. For now I have just included code for the technique used in the demo.

Download: AS3 Webcam Motion Tracking
Read : AS3 Webcam Motion Tracking »

Posted on 06 Jun 2008
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2D Cellular Automata

Inspired by Conway’s game of life, I decided to program a 2 dimensional Cellular Automaton in Actionscript 3.

I had been reading up on complexity theory for a recent project and the Cellular Automata just kept on rearing its head. Of course it displays the fundamental qualities of complexity; starting with an object following a set of simple rules and then creating multiple instances to form complex and unpredictable patterns. Read : 2D Cellular Automata »

Posted on 06 May 2008
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Alphabet Particle Emitter

Ok, so there’s not much to say here!

I’m no mathematician, but I’ve been working on putting together a simple particle engine which harnesses the awesome power of Actionscript 3. Read : Alphabet Particles AS3 »

Posted on 28 Apr 2008
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Playing with APEs

Look at them go! Stupid primates.
Click ‘Spawn Platforms’ for a new layout, or play with the Platform and APE count steppers!

I finally found some time to play around with the AS3 physics engine, APE; something I have been meaning to do for a while now. Read : Playing With APEs »

Posted on 24 Nov 2007
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