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Oh Tony, Tony Blair, how wise and infinite in wisdom. We all know that everyone with a beard must be a terrorist (it seems a watertight argument), and now it is apparent that everyone with a camera is plotting some kind of attack on our civil liberties. Of course, having surveillance cameras all over the place is acceptable and right – the authorities need to see us buying carrots and walking the dog. However it appears that soon, if we wish to take a photograph of our beautiful planet or indeed anything that exists in a public space – we will be committing an offence.

Thankfully, you can do something to stop this. There isn’t yet a petition to make the government admit some responsibility for several hundred thousand dead Iraqi civilians, however there is one which may grant you use of a camera.

Here is a quote from the creator of the petition:

“There are a number of moves promoting the requirement of ‘ID’ cards to allow photographers to operate in a public place.

It is a fundamental right of a UK citizen to use a camera in a public place, indeed there is no right to privacy when in a public place.

These moves have developed from paranoia and only promote suspicion towards genuine people following their hobby or profession.”

So there you go! The link bellow will take you to the petition, get your name down!

Sign the petition to stop the ban of photography in public places


Ok, so for those of you who didn’t sign the petition against banning photography in public places (and therefore wouldn’t have received this email) there is an update. Apparently, everything is better than we thought. The government, apparently, and at least not yet, WONT be banning photography or anything quite so ridiculous. There were motions to introduce ID cards, which is still an outrage, however this may simply be enforced around schools etc and only by local authorities, not government.

This is the response I received…

Quote from number 10

Thank you for signing the petition on the Downing Street website calling for the Prime Minister to stop proposed restrictions on photography in public places.

This petition has already attracted over 60,000 signatures from people who obviously share your concern. Not surprisingly, the idea that the Government might be poised to restrict your ability to take photos has caused some puzzlement and even alarm.

We have therefore decided to respond to this petition before its closing date of August, in order to reassure people.

The Government appreciates that millions of people in this country enjoy photography. So we have checked carefully to see if any Government department was considering any proposal that might possibly lead to the sort of restrictions suggested by this petition. We have been assured this is not the case.

There may be cases where individual schools or other bodies believe it is necessary to have some restrictions on photography, for instance to protect children, but that would be a matter for local decisions.

In fact, Simon Taylor, who started the petition, has since made clear that he was not really referring to Government action or legislation. His main concern appears to be that photographic societies and other organisations may introduce voluntary ID cards for members to help them explain why they are taking photographs. Again, any such scheme would not involve the Government.

We hope this re-assures you and clears up the confusion.

Posted on 25 Feb 2007
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  1. Ben 9 years ago

    Yeah, that’s totally lame.

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  2. Liam 8 years ago

    Still, a good idea to jump on this, lest the government think we’re all docile sheep. I was just planning to try and get arrested if any legislation did come in :)

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  3. jenkah 7 years ago

    Big public people has a big public stupid tongue. For that the islam is a terrorist way of act, because is different than the “civilized” knowledge.

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