What The Fuck Is My Mashup

The fruits of a Sunday hangover; What The Fuck Is My Mashup? is an idea generator for ridiculous (but sometimes plausible) mashups.

Inspired by What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner by Zach Golden, WTFIMM is a simple JavaScript based randomiser that takes a series of templates and a corpus of words and turns them into concepts that utilise the latest technologies, APIs and social media platforms.

I’ve abstracted the code into a simple framework which I’ve called the WTF Engine, that allows you to create a generator for any subject.

Here are a few of my favourite generative mashups so far:

  • Blackberry application that generates poetry based on Yelp data
  • Platform for building Wii controlled, memcached dashboard widgets for Open Frameworks enabled devices
  • Windows optimised GMail configurator for social microblogging
  • Podcast that generates poetry based on Google Earth data
  • Scalable, PHP based Feedburner API explorer with a hand tracking front-end
  • Feature detecting blogging platform for Lingo, Haxe and AS3
  • Pascal based kiosk to replace data visualisations and hook into GMail via Twitter and Google Maps
  • Multi-touch, open source Digg microblogging utility powered by Slashdot and the Google Gears C# API
  • Platform for building dynamic, Wii controlled iPad applications for MATLAB enabled devices
  • Python based Del.icio.us and GitHub mashup, designed for generative gaming
  • Objective C interpreter for creating dynamic microblogging experiences in JavaScript
  • Scalable, Wii controlled GitHub shopping utility powered by Foursquare & the Yahoo Pipes API
  • Ajax based platform for rapidly developing kiosks based on Google Gears data
  • Perl based platform for rapidly developing art installations based on GitHub data

The WTF Engine code and this particular implementation is available in my GitHub repository.

Have fun, and if for any bizarre reason you make one of them, let me know!


Posted on 07 Feb 2011
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  1. Kim Asendorf 6 years ago

    nice thing justin!
    (if any developer out there dunno what to develop, call me!)

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  2. michael 6 years ago

    :-) that’s so fantastic

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  3. Jens Ahrengot Boddum 6 years ago

    Good stuff as always, Justin!

    However i haven’t seen any ideas involving fart sounds so far. That a major flaw to me, as they seem essential to any tech mashup – or am i wrong?

    Posted this to my Tumblog by the way, hope you don’t mind ;)

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