Generative Tentacles

I’ve been revisiting one of my favourite topics lately – recursion – and have been getting together a bunch of sketches for a big personal project I’m working on (more on that another time). Anyway, I inadvertently stumbled across quite a nice way of making things grow in a convincing manner, and whilst this script doesn’t actually use recursion ‘per se’, I thought it was kind of cool so I ran with it.

It also presented a good opportunity to try out another Flash Player 10 feature that I’ve been eager to try, which is using Pixel Bender and ShaderJob. Although I’ve used Pixel Bender before, I’ve never used it in this way.

Basically, the idea is to exploit Pixel Bender’s performance and ask it to do some of the heavier number crunching for you – a concept that is currently being used by the Papervision3D team to give some juice to the next release. The other great thing about this approach is that these computations can run in another thread, leaving you more resources for other tasks (like rendering a fishing boat load of tentacles)

So, although this isn’t the best example of using Pixel Bender’s capabilities, it was a nice opportunity to exercise the idea. Each Tentacle starts a new ShaderJob and Pixel Bender whips up some tasty trigonometry for me, before passing it back inside a Vector object (typed Array). From there it’s just a question of making those numbers look nice… Kind of reminds me of the illustrative style used for the O’Reilly book covers…

Posted on 26 May 2009
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  1. yogibali 7 years ago

    got no idea with this source.. :D

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  2. Anthony 7 years ago

    this is one of the coolest flash based art experiments i have ever seen, and i would LOVE to see the source behind this, as im finally trying to learn about recursion in my own work

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