Alphabet Particle Emitter

Ok, so there’s not much to say here!

I’m no mathematician, but I’ve been working on putting together a simple particle engine which harnesses the awesome power of Actionscript 3.

My reasons for attempting such a project are purely artistic, as a large amount of work for my next exhibition is generative, and is made by using various rendering methods to map the movement of particles in a system. More posts relating to this will be coming up, including my solution for simulating organic lines in Flash, using a custom pencilLineTo method. I’m excited about this one in particular, as it means I can produce complex generative work using AS3, but maintain the appearance of hand drawn work.

Anyway, more on that later! For now, here is a rather cute tester for the particle engine I mentioned, using the alphabet. So it’s educational as well as fun; if you’re 2 years old and have eyes fast enough to follow the letters that is.

You will see in the source code that certain features are there in parts, but have not been properly implemented. It’s work in progress though (no collision yet for example), but I felt like sharing it in its current state.

Download: AS3 Alphabet Particles
Posted on 28 Apr 2008
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  1. matt 8 years ago

    very cool work. Thanks for posting.

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  2. pEDRO SILVA 8 years ago

    Hey! Very good work you got here :) I will see the code for some inspiration!

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  3. Burrows 8 years ago

    awesome effect , thx for your sharing

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  4. Keith 8 years ago

    Fantastic work, it seems pretty complex the code. I want to build something similar except I want to be able to use the mouse over a point on the screen and a random word forms while the remaining letters move……….move the mouse the word disappears……….quite a challenge

    Thanks for sharing

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  5. Tinku TR 8 years ago

    Hi guys its amazing and i am new in flash. i have made a exploding text in flash as3 using the numChildren stuff. Please visit

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  6. Paulo 7 years ago

    Very very very very cool work. Thanks for posting.

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    1. Soulwire 6 years ago

      Yes Bob, particles and letters are both incredibly gay. Well done.

  7. Pedram 6 years ago

    I like its physics.

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  8. Pedram 6 years ago

    just your sample killed my CPU, flash player with around 120 particles used 100% of my CPU!
    it’s very bad quality for a particles framework! in my opinion you should find a good way for this problem on your next versions.

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