What The Fuck Is My Mashup

The fruits of a Sunday hangover; What The Fuck Is My Mashup? is an idea generator for ridiculous (but sometimes plausible) mashups. Read : What The Fuck Is My Mashup? »

Posted on 07 Feb 2011
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I caught wind of the #CarolsInCode Twitter meme last night. Similar to the #SongsInCode meme, programmers have been merrily expressing famous Christmas carols or songs in code form; either by using the lyrics themselves or expressing the songs structure / message.

Here are my contributions:

Read : Carols in Code »

Posted on 24 Dec 2010
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Soulwire Blog 2010 Redesign

I’ve been off the web radar for several months. The later part of 2009 saw many changes and, despite being extremely busy with several interesting projects and personal studies, I have somewhat neglected this blog. Read : Another Day, Another Design »

Posted on 01 Feb 2010
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Flash on the Beach 2007

I just got back from Flash on the Beach 07; A Flash conference in Brighton. It would be an impossible task so sum up what a fantastic 3 days it turned out to be, suffice to say the speaker line-up was near perfect, and I left feeling inspired to play more, create more and dig out some of those old ideas from the back of my hard drive and see where they take me. Read : Flash on the Beach 07 »

Posted on 09 Nov 2007
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Proposed UK Photography Ban


Oh Tony, Tony Blair, how wise and infinite in wisdom. We all know that everyone with a beard must be a terrorist (it seems a watertight argument), and now it is apparent that everyone with a camera is plotting some kind of attack on our civil liberties. Of course, having surveillance cameras all over the place is acceptable and right – the authorities need to see us buying carrots and walking the dog. However it appears that soon, if we wish to take a photograph of our beautiful planet or indeed anything that exists in a public space – we will be committing an offence.

Thankfully, you can do something to stop this. There isn’t yet a petition to make the government admit some responsibility for several hundred thousand dead Iraqi civilians, however there is one which may grant you use of a camera. Read : UK Photography Ban »

Posted on 25 Feb 2007
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