Disabled Algebra Music Visualisations

Screenshot taken from ‘Sharing My Pigeonhole’

Disabled Algebra is a showcase for the incredible music of Jason kerley, aka Blackpepper.

It was also my first venture into Actionscript 3.0, using the computeSpectrum function to visualise streaming audio.

Disabled Algebra is build around a 3D engine I put together, which uses Fuse to tween the camera in 3D space. There are also four distinctive music visualisations, one for each track on one disc of the release.

All visualisations are dynamic, and some interactive also, so play with the mouse. They utilise a basic Actionscript 3 mp3 player I built to stream the music, and the user can scrub through the track with the visualisation reacting as they do so.

Check out some Actionscript 3.0 sound visualisations on www.disabled-algebra.co.uk. Project no longer online

You can buy Blackpepper’s music from Dirty Demos

Posted on 07 Aug 2007
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  1. John Irving 8 years ago

    Is it likely that you will be releasing any of the code for this website for us noobish Flash 3D’ers?

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  2. MHAQS 8 years ago

    hi Soulwire, coming to your blog was a real fresh experience. the demos around here are really the way i like to do work. i just love it. way to go.

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  3. Burrows 8 years ago

    thx for the information

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