Illustrated IChing

I became interested in the I Ching after reading biography of Philip K Dick, who used the I Ching to establish a lot of the content for his novel ‘The Man in the High Castle’.

There are several interesting visual adaptations of the I Ching, such as the Photographic I Ching and AG Muller’s I Ching Holitzka, however these seemed to either appear dated or at least not represent a more western interpretation of the hexagrams.

I decided to begin a project based on the narrative of the I Ching, and produce appropriate but also contemporary illustrations for the I Ching hexagrams. The idea was that not only could the Illustrated hexagrams be read in the traditional manner (as a result of coin or yarrow stalk divination) but also could be arranged into arbitrary sequences and actually create new stories and narrative ideas (As Philip K Dick had done)

I intend to use some of the initial ideas from my current illustrations to produce a full set of 64 hexagrams in the future, for now though you can see the current set of illustrated I Ching hexagrams here.

If anyone is interested in prints, please contact me. Also, I would be keen to hear ideas about how these could be adapted, for example I was considering building a Flash application for performing readings, decorated by animations based on the Illustrations.

Posted on 05 Apr 2007
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  1. parDegree 9 years ago

    I’d prefer reading your findings and comments in french, but my knowledge of your languange is far too week. I’ll certainly try to better that fact some day. As I don’t know anyting about the story from other sources, I cannot judge as to the correctness of your summary. From the pure tune of your post, I’ll conclude that it is as factual as is possible.

    I’m sure happy to see someone tackle the language barrier to inform about things going on in the french speaking sphere.

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  2. Marcel 8 years ago

    Love your site! Beautiful work with AS. Thanks for the posts! Even though my name is French – I am – unfortunately not articulate in the language. None the less – here goes: “Votre travail est incroyablement beau. Une certaine grande application d’AS3. Quelle idée gentille de faire des illustrations d’iChing”

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  3. shaman4d 8 years ago

    Very nice illustrations!

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  4. Xerces 8 years ago

    I need this code I was looking for it like crazy i really like theses codes thanks!

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  5. Charles 8 years ago

    I love these! I discovered the I-ching from the same book and I’ve always thought that a tarot/iching cross over would be interesting to play with

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  6. Mark Roberts 7 years ago


    Really enjoy you’re work for bandcamp, a site which I use a lot for my own music – I started rummaging through your site after finding a link on the bandcamp “about us” page.

    I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your illustration for Hexagram #18. It’s a stunningly consistent in its form and emotional tone with much of early Chinese and Japanese calligraphy and Zenga art.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Mark (The Enright House)

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  7. Teresa 7 years ago

    I was looking for some form of visual art related to the I Ching and found your beautifull illustrations of the first 22 six grams. I am an art student and I have a project in which I have created the basic trigrams (2 times) on miniature canvases with Chinese ink and I have to present to the class the interactive installation. The grid will be 5′ wide by 6′ long and the trigrams will move on the grid to form the six grams. Could sombody suggest a way to make my fellows classmates attracted and ready to want to interact?
    Thank you for some suggestions


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  8. Oleg Galkin 6 years ago

    Very, very nice illustrations, Justin!

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