Ishihara Drawing 1

These are some old prints that I made for an exhibition called Ishihara, back in 2008. They’re created using a tool I built called Rotator, which degrades vector drawings as they are printed to a bitmap, whilst following the path of a random wander. I found them on an old hard drive and thought I’d share.

Ishihara Rotator Print 001

Ishihara Rotator Print 002

Ishihara Rotator Print 003

Ishihara Rotator Print 004

Ishihara Rotator Print 005

Ishihara Rotator Print 006

On reflection, the morphing shapes mixed with simple line drawings remind me of James Paterson’s work over at presstube or Victor Taba’s animations (but not as good as either). I’ll see if the hard drive has the Rotator AIR app these were made with on there somewhere too, it could be fun to play around with adding some colour and using more complicated vectors.

Posted on 12 Feb 2010
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  1. Felix Turner 7 years ago

    sweet! they must have taken ages to draw ;)

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    1. Soulwire 7 years ago

      I went through so many sharpies you wouldn’t believe :)

  2. A. 7 years ago

    looks great!, would love to see it in action.

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  3. Dennis Mars 7 years ago

    Very cool. Randomly, can you suggest any good books for a intermediate programmer interested in learning object oriented programming?

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    1. Soulwire 7 years ago

      Essential Actionscript 3.0 is quite useful for this, as it was released when Actionscript moved from AS2 to AS3 (and became more object oriented) and so the chapters and examples on OOP (Classes, inheritance, polymorphism etc) assume a familiarity with AS but no real experience with this way of programming (nor knowledge of the terminology) – sounds like it could be helpful to you.

  4. Dennis Mars 7 years ago

    Wow. I went to Borders, read the first chapter and immediately purchased the book. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

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    1. Soulwire 7 years ago

      I’m glad to hear that there are still Borders shops hanging on! I thought they had all died a horrible ‘everything must go’ death.

  5. Lauri Laatikainen 7 years ago

    Those are really sweet! Any chance you could let slip some hint’s on what goes down deep down in the source? pretty please ;)

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  6. Woody 7 years ago

    These are very good, programmed art is why I just keep coming back to soulwire :D

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  7. Jeffrey 7 years ago

    Were you able to find the Rotator AIR app. I’d love to play with it.

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  8. Steve McIntyre 7 years ago

    I’ve been checking out your site and your work and you’ve done some awesome work! Do you have any photos of any of the exhibits you’ve done?

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  9. majo 6 years ago

    Greatttl!! ! is it possible to get somewhere the code file?

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  10. Metin Saray 6 years ago

    Great work with aesthetic complexity! Though how do you morph the shapes, they dont look like they get scaled or anything like it?


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    1. Soulwire 6 years ago

      Hi Metin. They are actually vector images, which is why they scale well. I’m using SVG format and then over time distorting the images by making the vector points wander. This could also be done with frame-by-frame animation I guess (which I believe is how Paterson does it) if you want a more organic look.

    2. Metin Saray 6 years ago

      First of all thanks for the replying back, and yeah i thought it was frame by frame animation. Another question if you dont mind me asking though, Did you use code to draw the shapes to wander all the vector points? Or in SVG format can you take the control of each dot even its made with Pen tool? Thanks again, i can say im a fan of your works, cheers.

  11. Prakash 6 years ago

    Great job of posting with the amazing prints which i haven’t seen ever before. I really love this generative print where the design works are awesome & also love the effort taken for drawing this illustration . Thank yo so much for sharing such a wonderful post.

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