Webcam Glitch Art

What happens when you let vista install drivers for you? Shit happens. But in this case, good shit.

I was playing around with flash and using the Camera class to save stills via the CS3 AIR extension. Unfortunately, my webcam drivers had not been installed correctly, but the results were some really interesting glitches.

You can see the full set and high res versions on Flickr

It got me thinking about the ByteArray and socket classes in AS3, with some experimentation, maybe there will be a way to screw up BitmapData in a similar way? Bring back the 90’s and the cool glitch art that seemed to be coming out more often then. It’s amazing what eye candy can be produced by malfunctions.

Posted on 09 Nov 2007
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  1. glitched 9 years ago

    mmm, I’m thinking slow motion and brian eno would do these justice.

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  2. Jon 8 years ago

    Thanks kindly for letting me use these. You can see some of them in action at

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  3. Soulwire 8 years ago

    Hey Jon,

    Thanks for the link. They rock! There’s a great sense of humour about them and the music is really well chosen. I’m glad these images had some use, you’ve done a great job. So how did the festival go? Hope the whole event was a big success. Did your film do well?

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  4. Finlay 8 years ago

    I wish my webcam drivers hadn’t installed correctly!

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  5. scott 7 years ago

    hey. these are great!

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  6. Noponies 6 years ago

    Nice work.

    I had this convoluted process for doing this to video for a long time, and then editing the results, it basically involved upload a video, then downloading it, but killing the dl before it completed, leaving a corrupt file. You could then play back the video and it would randomly corrupt. I think I wrote an old director app to handle the playback, wonder if I could do the same in Flash.

    General idea in this image:

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